10 Heartwarming Moments When K-Pop Idols Cried Due To Fans

Some of these fans even prepared special gifts!

The relationship between K-Pop idols and their fans is truly unique, as idols are never shy about admitting their love for their fans. The support that fans can show to idols can be extremely touching. Here are 10 heartwarming moments when K-Pop fans caused idols to cry.

1. Girls’ Generation

The members of Girls’ Generation were touched when they met a loyal fan that had been supporting the group since debut. The members soon got emotional and couldn’t contain their tears.


During a BLACKPINK concert, Lisa spotted a blind fan in the crowd. Seeing the fan enjoying their performance caused Lisa to shed a few tears.

3. Jimin (BTS)

Jimin spotted a crying fan at one of their concerts. Jimin tried to comfort the fan and assured her not to cry. Jimin tried to contain his tears, but he soon burst into tears.

4. Park Bom

A fan once presented Park Bom with a sketchbook during a fan meeting. The contents of the sketchbook were never revealed, but Park Bom’s reaction shows that it likely contained heartwarming quotes and drawings.

5. Dahyun (TWICE)

Dahyun‘s birthday happened to be on the same day as one of TWICE‘s concerts. Fans started singing happy birthday to Dahyun, to which Dahyun reacted emotionally.

6. Jackson (GOT7)

During GOT7‘s 1’st anniversary, fans decided to give a surprise gift to the GOT7 members. Fans started to sing a song to thank the GOT7 members for the memories they have made together. A lot of the members started to get emotional, especially Jackson.

7. Chorong (Apink)

A fan once gave Chorong a sketchbook letter as a present. The letter was full of words of encouragement, as the fan wanted Chorong to know that she is being supported by many people.

8. Jungkook (BTS)

Fans prepared a small present for the BTS members, as they decided to sing “Young Forever” to the members. The surprise caught many of the members off-guard, especially Jungkook.


The IZ*ONE members spent all day trying to recruit people to come to their guerilla concert. The members went to the stage blindfolded, as the MC wanted to surprise the members. The fans in attendance also remained extremely silent, as they too wanted to surprise the members. The IZ*ONE members thought nobody had come to the concert, but they were shocked once they took their blindfolds off. Over 2,000 fans came to the guerilla concert, and the members couldn’t contain their tears.

10. Lisa (BLACKPINK)

Lisa once came back to her home country, Thailand, for a special event for the brand, moonshot. This was Lisa’s first solo event in her home country, so it was quite a special one. Many fans came to support Lisa, which caused her to become a little emotional.