These Are The Top 10 Studio Choom Fancams With The Highest Number Of Views

Half of the videos are from the same group.

Studio Choom features impressive dance performances. The Unfiltered Cam series on the channel shows off fancams for individual members. These are the top 10 most viewed of these videos.

10. aespa’s Karina in “Next Level”

The 10th most viewed fancam is Karina‘s with 1.4 million views. Fans point out her unreal model-like looks. Her aura makes watching her captivating.

9. ITZY’s Yeji in “River”

Yeji shows her true power in her fancam for her March 2021 “Artist of the Month” performance. The video has 1.5 million views, and fans believe it highlights her ability to execute choreography with power and precision.

8. ITZY’s Ryujin in “Not Shy”

With 1.7 million views, Ryujin proves that she deserves her center position. With her dancing, singing, and rapping abilities fans are in awe of her talent.

7. TWICE’s Dahyun in “I Can’t Stop Me”

Dahyun makes it look easy in this performance with 1.9 million views. Fans think that her skills are underrated and that her true skill is in making each move she does look effortless.

6. ITZY’s Ryujin in “Mafia In The Morning”

This Ryujin fancam has received over 2 million views, and fans believe it’s because she’s an ace in the K-Pop industry. This performance had fans begging Studio Choom to have Ryujin on the “Artist of the Month” series. Fans were thrilled when she landed the spot November 2021.

5. TWICE’s Jihyo in “Alcohol-Free”

Jihyo‘s fancam currently has 2.5 million views, and it’s so satisfying to watch. Fans can’t get enough of her stage presence. It’s no wonder fans would love to see her on Studio Choom’s “Artist of the Month” series.

4. TWICE’s Sana in “I Can’t Stop Me”

Sana has gathered 3 million views for her fancam of “I Can’t Stop Me.” Fans agree that she is the total package, her talent and personality make her a top bias-wrecker… if she isn’t already your bias that is.

3. TWICE’s Mina in “I Can’t Stop Me”

With 3.2 million views, Mina takes the top three most viewed fancam. Fans stress how elegant she is and note that her background in ballet is clear through her dancing ability.

2. TWICE’s Momo in “I Can’t Stop Me”

Momo‘s athleticism is clear in this fancam that has garnered 3.4 million views. Fans point out the clarity in her movement and how she shines as a true performer.

1. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin in “God’s Menu”

Taking the top spot with 3.6 million views is Hyunjin‘s “God’s Menu” fancam. His charisma and facial expressions are no joke, and fans feel that the top viewed video is well deserved.