10 Most Hilarious Photocards And Merch That K-Pop Has Ever Released

Simply wonderful.

Photocards and merch are essential parts of the K-Pop experience. While most are wearable, usable, or at the very least attractive, some products can be strange to say the least.

Check out some of the best ones below!

1. D.O’s forehead photocard 

2. Daesung’s “Ice, Nose, Lips!” ice tray

3. EXO’s chibi coloring book

4. WANNA ONE’s fidget spinner

5. RM and pizza

6. Tzuyu and her beard

7. Irene and her facial

8. Irene and her extreme close-up

9. The random Lee Sooman photocard in NCT’s album

10. And finally, the official Mina penguine ramen pot!

Source: Reddit