10+ Most Hilarious Times When Fans Had No Idea What Was Happening With INFINITE

What even is going on…?

INFINITE are, as loyal fans have come to accept, one of the most comical K-Pop boy groups in the industry. Built on their decade of brotherhood, INFINITE members are never afraid to be themselves amongst themselves. Hence, INFINITE fans constantly find the members in WTF? moments that cannot be described otherwise. Here are 10 most hilarious times when Inspirits had no idea what in the world INFINITE are doing!

1. It’s Ailee And The Fabulous Boys

2. Why Are You Running? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING???

3. When The Squad Gets Too Lit On Friday Like

4. The Mummy (2020)

5. We Are Very Angry Because We Can Be

6. Oh Ho Ho, I’m The Main Dancer Now

7. Avoiding Tan Lines 101

8. “Eat This.” “Oh, For Me?”

9. Weird Reflex, But Okay

10. Actual Footage of Mom & Her 5 Year Old Son

11. The Agony of Dongwoo’s Fan Sites

12. Team Kill

13. Casually Snatching Flies From Mid-Air

14. Mwah, He Said

Source: THEQOO