10 Hit Songs By YG Entertainment Producer Choice37 That You Need To Know Now

Which songs of his are your favorites?

YG Entertainment is a company with many well-known producers, such as Teddy and Future Bounce. Another popular name fans may have heard of before is Choice37, also known by his birth name Robin Cho.

Besides being a devoted father…

…he’s also popular in his line of work.

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He was introduced to YG Entertainment through Teddy in 2009 and is now one of their most recognizable producers. Check out some of his most notable works below!

1. BIGBANG – “Bad Boy”

Produced alongside G-DRAGON, “Bad Boy” is one of BIGBANG‘s most critically acclaimed works.

2. G-DRAGON – “Butterfly”

The first song Choice37 produced for YG Entertainment was “Butterfly” by G-DRAGON. It was a B-Side track in the album Heartbreaker.

3. Lee Hi – “1, 2, 3, 4”

Lee Hi made a splash of a debut with “1, 2, 3, 4” which Choice37 produced with Lydia Paek.

4. T.O.P – “Doom Dada”

T.O.P produced “Doom Dada” with Choice37 and released it in 2013. Dazed Magazine considered it one of the best songs of the year.

[Its] lyrical rhythms are both inviting and alienating, while the beats align to trap and M.I.A’s jagged tribalism. But go deeper and recognisable cadences reveal themselves…. it’s K-Pop but sly, frenetic and slippery.

– Dazed Magazine

5. MINO – “I’m Him”

Another hip hop track, Choice37 produced MINO‘s first solo song in WINNER‘s first album 2014 S/S with Teddy and MINO.

6. iKON – “My Type”

iKON‘s “My Type” was both produced and arranged by Choice37. It ended up becoming the 34th best selling song of 2015 according to the Gaon Music Chart.

7. 2NE1 – “Crush”

Choice37 and CL teamed up to make the energetic song “Crush”. It belonged to the last studio album of 2NE1.

8. Taeyang – “1AM”

The music of “1AM” was made by Choice37, Teddy, and Boys Noize. Besides being popular for its music video being the first place Taeyang met his wife Min Hyo Rin.

9. EPIK HIGH – “Happen Ending”

“Happen Ending” was one of two title tracks for EPIK HIGH‘s eight studio album Shoebox. Tablo worked with Choice37 in the making of the music.


Finally, “Sober” was another of Choice37’s most popular works as a producer. It was a commercial success, gaining over 100 million views on YouTube and over a million sales on Gaon.

Choice37 is definitely a producer to look forward to!