10+ Idols That Fans Believe Are “Concept Chameleons”

They can take any concept, and totally make it their own!

K-Pop is full of beautiful and innovative concepts, and groups are always challenging themselves with new and diverse concepts every comeback! Here are x idols fans believe are “concept chameleons”, meaning, they can take any concept, and completely own it!

1. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation is a group that spearheaded the “concept chameleon” concept! Ever since their debut, they have tried multiple concepts, from cute to girl crush to retro to sexy, and have killed it each time!


2. Red Velvet

Red Velvet are the queens of concepts for the 3rd generation of K-Pop! With a wide range of concepts tucked under their belt, they’re known for being one of the most diverse groups; in concepts as well as discography!


3. LOONA’s Heejin

LOONA‘s pre-debut project consisted of introducing the members one by one every month, and Heejin was the first member to be introduced in 2016, thereby being the first member to introduce LOONA’s multifaceted universe to fans. Fans believe that while LOONA as a group is constantly displaying new concepts, Heejin, in particular, is able to adapt very well to the many different concepts and images they portray.


4. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Red Velvet was mentioned earlier in the list, but Seulgi here deserves a special mention! She seems to show the most adaptability with regards to different concepts, and has shown it on multiple occasions, such as in project groups and special stages, where she exudes her signature charisma, but still very much embodies the concept she’s undertaken!


5.  T-ARA

T-ARA is a girl group from the second generation of K-Pop, and are the OG queens of ever-changing concepts! Nicknamed the “Chameleons of K-Pop”, their diverse range of concepts have earned them a formidable reputation as performers over the years, and they’re able to confidently take on any concept, be it sexy, cute, retro or funky!


6. TWICE’s Sana

TWICE‘s Sana is known to be the group’s “cutey-sexy” member, and her duality often has fans stunned! Sana can switch from super cute to super sexy all in a hot minute, and is able to adapt to lots of concepts very well!


7. BTS

BTS is a group who’s versatility and diversity has been well-documented throughout their career, especially in their discography. Staring with a hip-hop focused concept, the group has evolved and branched into many different genres and concepts, and fans are always excited to see what they have next in store for them!


8. NCT 127

NCT 127 is another group that’s always surprising fans with their wide-range of concepts! They’ve undertaken concepts such as their usual hip-hop oriented concepts, cute concepts (“Touch”) and most recently, “Bruce Lee” concept with “Kick It”! They’re always willing to experiment and explore, and fans love them for their innovative style and daring personalities!


9. SHINee

SHINee is a group that has been wowing fans with their diverse range of concepts since 2008! They’ve taken on genres such as contemporary R&B, dance and hip-hop, and continue to stun fans with every new release!


10. CLC’s Yeeun

In 2016, CLC made their comeback with “Hobgoblin” which featured a revamped concept for them, and established the comeback as a chicer, more hip-hop oriented musical style, which was a significant departure from their more cutesy style. When the group switched concepts, fans were shook with how well Yeeun adjusted to the concept! While she seemed quite comfortable with their earlier style, she took to this new concept quite well, and has been killing it since!



MAMAMOO have been experimenting with their image and styles ever since their debut, and have managed to find quite a balance between the four! From retro to jazz to R&B, they’ve covered a wide range of concepts, and seem to continue to challenge themselves, even now!


12. PENTAGON’s Kino

According to fans, PENTAGON‘s Kino is the member who seems to be the most comfortable while transitioning through the different concepts that PENTAGON continues to try. From “Gorilla” to “Shine” to “Dr. Bebe”, Kino has adjusted extremely well to all these different concepts, and does very well no matter what!


13. TWICE’s Nayeon

TWICE‘s Nayeon is another member who fans believe is “concept chameleon”! She can be cute, sexy, give girl crush vibes or bunny vibes, and can slay any concept given to her!


14. VIXX

VIXX is a group that’s also very well-known for their ever-changing concepts! While famous for their “dark” concepts, the group is very talented in weaving their own stories through their music, and while the concepts remain dark, each song or concept is always a different story for fans to listen to!

Source: Reddit