10 Idols With Lip Piercings That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

These 10 idols use this piercing to take their visuals to the next level.

Ear piercings are very common among K-Pop idols; BLACKPINK, for example, has 20+ ear piercings among the 4 of them! Facial pericings, however, are almost non-existent in K-Pop. Only a few idols have them, like HyunA’s nose piercing or Bobby’s eyebrow piercing.

HyunA (left) with her nose piercing, and Bobby (right) with his eyebrow piercing

Lip piercings are even more rare, with no idols having yet been confirmed as having one; but here are 10 idols with fake lip piercings that took their already top notch visuals to the next level.

1. EXO Baekhyun

2. GOT7 JB

3. MONSTA X Wonho

4. Stray Kids Hyunjin

5. SHINee Key

6. BTS V

7. NCT Taeyong

8. MONSTA X Kihyun

9. ATEEZ Seonghwa

10. ATEEZ Mingi

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