10+ Idols You Never Knew Were Trained How To Fight

These idols are knockouts. Literally.

1. 2PM’s Nichkhun & Taecyeon

Nichkhun and Taecyeon learned mixed martial arts moves in order to simulate a fight in their Coke Zero CF.


Both of these idols already have intimidating physiques, but after seeing this CF…


…people would be crazy to mess with them!


2. 2PM’s Chansung – Taekwondo and Kendo

Chansung’s fellow members can throw punches, sure, but this 2PM singer has years of formal martial arts training to back him up.


Chansung has been practicing taekwondo for eleven years…

…and Kendo for more than seven!


3. Apink’s Chorong – Hapkido

Apink’s Chorong proves that fighting isn’t just for boys.


Before she debuted in Apink, Chorong was kicking butt at hapkido competitions and demonstrations.

She participated in the International Youth Martial Arts Cultural Exchange in 2008. Fighting seems to be in Chorong’s blood since her father is a hapkido instructor!


4. GOT7’s Jackson – Fencing

Before he was a rapper, GOT7’s “wild and sexy” rapper was an Olympic fencer! He won the Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships in 2011.


If it wasn’t for fencing, Jackson may have never joined GOT7. His father promised Jackson that he would support his decision to become an idol, if he won his remaining fencing matches…


…and he did!


5. GOT7’s Mark – Martial Arts

Mark and Jackson both trained in martial arts tricking, an extremely athletic style of dance performance that incorporates movements from various fighting arts.


During GOT7’s concerts, Mark shocks fans with his tricking skills!


6. f(x)’s Amber – Taekwondo

f(x)’s Amber is known for her humorous and chill personality, so fans might be surprised to know that she holds a black belt in taekwondo.


She learned taekwondo while growing up in the US. She began training from grade school and continued until graduation…


…but she doesn’t take herself too seriously!


7. Hoya – Taekwondo

Hoya practiced taekwondo up until middle school and participated in regional Taekwondo competitions.


He once showed his skills off on the sports variety show, Cool Kidz on the Block.


8. Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao – Martial Arts

Cheng Xiao has incredible flexibility. This is partly due to her dance training, but also comes from her martial arts experience.


She is one beautiful badass!


9. Super Junior’s Sungmin – Kung Fu

Super Junior’s Sungmin has been practicing Kung Fu and Wushu since he was a kid. On variety shows, he has shown off his nunchucks skills.


He can also fight with a staff!


10. Tao – Kung Fu and Wushu

Tao debuted as EXO‘s martial artist and incorporated various fighting moves into their music videos and live performances.


… And his skills aren’t just for show!

Tao is a 3rd Dan in Kung Fu and Wushu. He began training in grade school and has not stopped practicing.