10 Impressive Vocal Covers Of Popular K-Pop Songs

#4 had BTS’s RM “melting.”

K-Pop has seen a meteoric rise in global popularity, gaining fans from all walks of life around the world.

BTS in Las Vegas | @bts_bighit/Twitter
TWICE in LA | @BancStadium/Twitter

Fans show love for their favorite artists in many ways. From getting them to trend on social media, creating amazing fanart, or making them gifts, the love they show is endless.

These 10 impressive vocal covers of popular K-Pop songs prove just how amazing K-Pop fans continue to be.

1. Ysabelle covering BLACKPINK’s “Stay”

| @justysabelle/Instagram

Ysabelle has been uploading covers of popular K-Pop songs to YouTube since 2010. She currently has 2.73 million subscribers and a total of 417,822,348 views of her videos.

2. LNYXCATS covering TWICE’s “The Feels”

| @lynxcatsgroup/Instagram

LNYXCATS is a talented five-member cover group from Brazil and Morocco that joined YouTube in 2018. Since then, they have amassed over 10.8 million views and continue to impress with their K-Pop covers.

3. Saesong covering aespa’s “Next Level”

| Soundcloud

Saesong is from Korea and joined YouTube in 2016. She currently has 2.92 million subscribers and has fans captured by her beauty and performances.

4. Julz West covering BTS’s “Dynamite”

| @itsjulzwest/Instagram

Julz West is a singer-songwriter from London and started on YouTube in 2010. In his bio, he shares that he is heavily inspired by his Caribbean heritage and has provided backing vocals to other artists such as Ed Sheeran. BTS reacted to Julz’s cover during an interview with Glamour, and Julz had RM “melting” with his smooth vocals.

5. SG Official’s cover of BIGBANG’s “Still Life”

| @sg_a11

SG (also known as Seogyeong) is a singer-songwriter who moved from Korea to Japan. He uploads covers to popular Korean and Japanese songs on his YouTube channel, where he currently has 364,000 subscribers.

6. Harryan Yoonsoan’s cover of IU’s “Lilac”

| @harryan.yoonsoan/Instagram

Harryan and Yoonsoan are two musical siblings from Korea who charm with their sweet vocals. They joined YouTube in 2015 and have 756,000 subscribers.

7. RZD’s cover of BTS’s “Life Goes On”

| @rezadarmawangsa/Instagram

Reza Darmawangsa (also known as RZD) is from Indonesia and joined YouTube in 2018. He currently has over 3.8 million subscribers and covers songs from all around the world.

8. MelonEye covering Stray Kids’ “Back Door”

| @meloneye_sing/Instagram

MelonEye is a musical duo from Korea made up of members Romelon and Rubyeye. They joined YouTube in 2019 and have 72,000 subscribers.

9. Suggi covering EXO’s “Love Shot”

| @xuggi/Instagram

Suggi was born in Korea and raised in Canada. He became popular for his covers on YouTube before becoming a soloist under his own label.

10. ListenSomin covering Red Velvet’s “Psycho”

| @listen_somin/Instagram

ListenSomin is from Korea and is known to embody the original artists with her own twist when covering songs. She joined YouTube in 2018 and has 750,000 subscribers.

Bonus: MoAMelody

| @jksoderburg

MoAMelody (also known as MoA, or Melody of Angel) was a popular K-pop and J-pop cover artist in the 2010s. Fans were impressed by her studio-quality sound and were shocked when her channel suddenly disappeared. It was revealed that MoA was actually Johanna Söderberg, a member of the Swedish band First Aid Kit. Allegedly her label discovered the channel and had her take it down.

Source: KProfiles