Here Are 10+ Fanarts As Iconic As BTS’s Suga And PSY’s Collab “That That”

ARMYs are so talented!

Ever since it was first announced that the title track “That That” for PSY‘s new album would not only going to be produced by BTS‘s Suga but feature him, ARMYs couldn’t wait!

The excitement only increased when the two continued to drop promotional images, including this cover art featuring PSY and Suga together.

Now, ARMYs have been inspired to create their own works of art for “That That” that look so good that they honestly could be cover art too! So, here are 10+ of the best…

1. Oppa chibi style!

2. Who knew art could be so hot?

3. Prod. SUGA

4. The story behind “That That”

5. You’re the tangerine of my eye

6. “That That,” featuring Lil Meow Meow

7. Actual work of art

8. The iconic slap

9. The vibes are immaculate though

10. Indeed, they are wanted.

11. Our favorite cowboys

12. Gruesome yet adorable

13. We’re going to need a whole anime.

14. Same, PSY, same.

Check out more ARMY reactions to “That That” below:

Here Are 10+ ARMY Reactions To PSY And BTS Suga’s “That That” Music Video That Are Relatable AF