These 10+ Incredibly Thirsty Tweets About BTS’s Jimin’s Tattoos Will Never Not Be Funny

#10 lists out the ideal day of a Jimin stan. (Hint: it includes his tattoos!)

Do you know what’s sexier than BTS‘s Park Jimin?

Sure, it may be Jimin when he’s performing on stage and showing off his powerful dance moves.

It can also be the version of Jimin whose voice is that of an angel whenever he sings and soothes the souls of ARMYs worldwide.

But for this article, though, it’s all about the ink in Jimin’s body: from his oldest known tattoo that’s now 2+ years old, up to his newest one spotted earlier this year, the only thing sexier than a Jimin is a Jimin who’s confidently showing off his gorgeous tattoos.

Here are 10+ thirst tweets about his tattoos: make sure to have a glass of water with you because the temperature is about to get hot in here.

1. What happens if he just exposes them all?

2. He’s too sexy for it all

3. A happy Jimin is a sexy Jimin

4. Did you mean peak happiness?

5. There are many “sinners” who have already asked for forgiveness

6. Do more of what makes you happy

7. Get as much as you need, Jimin

8. God is good all the time, indeed

9. Jimin’s the reason why ARMYs can’t breathe, and they’re still thankful for him

10. Requirements for a good day? Complete

11. But what if Jimin has actually more than 3 tattoos? What then, ARMY?

12. His wet hair is sexy enough, but add in the tattoo and it’s pure devastation

13. It is on, Jimin

14. See-through shirt is a work of the angels

15. Did anyone else feel that “hahaha” on a different level?

Go on, read the next article about Jimin’s sexiest moments. No judgement — you’re not alone! That’s why you’re here after all, aren’t you? 🙂

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