10 Items K-Pop Fans Love Collecting Because It Makes Them Happy

These items can make any K-Pop fan happy!

It becomes part of the experience, that is being a K-Pop fan, to collect merchandise of their favorite group, though not a requirement. Many K-Pop fans enjoy collecting these items to support their favorite idols and to simply have a solid proof that they are indeed fans of this particular group.

However, collecting or buying merchandise of your favorite K-Pop idol doesn’t mean that you love and support them more than people who choose not to collect or purchase such items. Other fans have their own way to express their love and support for their favorite idols, so collecting these items doesn’t necessarily mean that you love the idols more.

Despite having barely any money left in their wallets, some K-Pop fans genuinely enjoy purchasing these items because these items bring them happiness.

Here are 10 items K-Pop fans enjoy collecting!

1. Albums

Albums contain your favorite idols’ discography. It is the product of the idols’ hard work and at the same time contain songs that carry messages they want to tell their fans, making it a very special item to collect.

2. Lightsticks

Lightsticks are tools K-Pop fans use to identify themselves with a certain fandom or fandoms they’re part of. It’s mostly used during concerts to give fans a sense of belongingness with the crowd and with the group they adore.

3. Photo Cards

Photo cards are simply photos of your favorite idols printed on nice and thick paper. This item may not sound much, but to K-Pop fans photo cards are significant. It’s having a solid copy of a rare photo their idol took of themselves that not everyone has.

4. Items their favorite idols endorse

Because K-Pop fans are effective brand ambassadors, K-Pop fans enjoy buying products they endorse because they are most likely items that their idols enjoy using. Additionally, some brands create limited edition versions of the same products that have symbolic prints that relate with their idols.

5. Posters

To feel inspired, K-Pop fans decorate their rooms with posters of their favorite idols. Because bedrooms are a place where people should relax, having photos of idols they adore around them makes fans feel at ease and happy because seeing their faces can easily brighten their fans’ days.

6. Membership Kits

Membership kits are something fans apply for to be counted as an official member of that fanclub. It includes items that are exclusive to those who applied for the official fanclub.

7. Image Pickets

Image pickets or uchiwas are fans with photos of an idol you like and are usually sold at concerts.

8. Magazines

When their favorite K-Pop idols grace magazine covers, it is definitely a want for fans to grab it since magazines are only sold for a limited time. Additionally, the idols also have an exclusive interview with the magazine where fans can get to know their idols more.

9. Dolls

Dolls are mini recreations of idols that remind fans of their idols’ cute side as well.

10. Concert tickets

Concert tickets are truly a collectible for fans because it’s proof that they attended that specific concert. Additionally, it gives good feelings when you reminisce moments from a concert you attended.