Here Are 10 Upcoming K-Dramas That Will Get You Excited For The End Of 2021

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It’s officially nearing the end of 2021, as there are just a few months before the year comes to a close. However, fret not because before this year officially concludes, there are 10 amazing K-Dramas set to release — so let’s take a look at the incredible lineup!

1. The King’s Affection — October 11

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Starting off our list is The King’s Affection. Starring SF9‘s Ro Woon and Park Eun Bin, the KBS2 K-Drama follows Park Eun Bin’s character Prince Lee Hwi. She conceals her true identity as a female as she tries to live her life as a prince following the death of her twin brother, who was the real prince. Things get complicated when she falls in love with Ro Woon’s character, Jung Ji Woon — who happens to be her teacher.

2. Work Later, Drink Now — October 22


Next up, we have the TVING romantic comedy series titled Work Later, Drink Now. This lighthearted series is based on the webcomic with the same name and features a stellar cast of incredible women — Lee Sun BinHan Sun Hwa, and Jung Eun Ji. The story follows the three women, who all happen to be single while in their 30’s. The three of them enjoy sharing a drink at the end of their long work days and the K-Drama is about the stories that arise during their drinking gatherings.

3. Jirisan — October 23

| tvN

Perhaps one of the most talked about upcoming series would have to be tvN‘s Jirisan. Not only does it feature two top actors, Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon, but the exciting plot featuring Mount Jiri in South Korea and all of the mysteries and deaths surrounding this mountain already has netizens raving about the production. Jirisan is being labeled as “tvN’s 15th Anniversary Special Drama” so naturally, the hype is real with this one.

4. One Ordinary Day — November

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Another highly anticipated K-Drama is none other than Kim Soo Hyun and veteran actor Cha Seung Won‘s small screen returns in One Ordinary DayOne Ordinary Day follows the story of college student Kim Hyun Soo (Kim Soo Hyun’s character) who becomes a murder suspect overnight. He meets a failed lawyer Shin Joong Han (Cha Seung Won) while in prison and the two try to break down Kim Hyun Soo’s wrongful accusation. This series is set to take viewers into the corrupted justice system.

5. Secret Royal Inspector Joy — November

| tvN

Next up, we have the tvN series Secret Royal Inspector Joy featuring 2PM‘s Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon. This comedic series will be set in a historic period of South Korea, and it follows the story of royal secret agent Ra Yi Eon (Taecyeon’s character) and divorcee Kim Jo Yi (Kim Hye Yoon). The two team up and come together to solve a multitude of cases within their neighborhood.

6. My Name — October 15

| Netflix

Han So Hee‘s upcoming Netflix thriller series My Name is also set to premiere soon, getting all of her fans hyped up. The plot revolves around Han So Hee’s character, Yoon Ji Woo who joins a gang in order to avenge her father’s sudden death. Shortly after, she joins hands with the police department and becomes a mole for her gang in order to uncover the real reason behind her father’s death. It is there that she meets Ahn Bo Hyun‘s character, Detective Jeon Pil Do.

7. Melancholia — November 3

| tvN

Premiering on November 3, we have another tvN series titled Melancholia. Featuring veteran actress Lim Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun, the story takes place at a private high school and will depict all of corruption that happens within its four walls. If you’re wondering why the two main leads have a 15 year age gap, it’s because the K-Drama is not only about the corrupt high school, but it’s also about the relationship between Ji Yoon Soo (Lim Soo Jung), who is a math teacher and Baek Seung Yoo (Lee Do Hyun) a math genius student.

8. Koo Kyung Yi — October 30


Next up, we have Lee Young Ae‘s highly anticipated series titled Koo Kyung Yi. This marks the veteran actress’s first small screen return in 4 years, thus keeping the hype at an all-time high. This K-Drama follows the story of Koo Kyung Yi (Lee Young Ae) who is a 40-something former police officer that works as a private detective. The plot line of the series revolves around the detective and her attempts to catch a serial killer — who happens to be a female college student.

9. Red Sleeve — November 5


Premiering on November 5, we have another historic K-Drama. Red Sleeve featuring Lee Se Young and 2PM‘s Lee Junho will be a romance-based series, as it follows the love story between a Prince Lee San (Lee Jun Ho) and a court lady Sung Deok Im (Lee Se Young). As Prince Lee San becomes the King, he wants to make Sung Deok Im his royal concubine, but because she enjoys living a free lifestyle, she refuses.

10. Reflection of You — October 13


Last, but most certainly not least, we have JTBC‘s Reflection of You featuring yet, another veteran actress, Go Hyun Jung. In a story of love, betrayal, corruption, and revenge, the series follows Go Hyun Jung’s character Jung Hee Joo, who grew up as a poor, powerless girl. She eventually goes on to live a successful life as a painter, essayist, and the wife of a hospital owner. However, she had a hard time finding meaning in life — until she meets a young, poor woman who reminds her of her young self.

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