These Are The 10 Korean Actresses That Plastic Surgeons Claim Represent Beauty

The representatives of beauty.

These are the 10 Korean actresses that plastic surgeons believe embody beauty, and why they think so.

1. Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee is known for her v-line and her small face. Her face is slender and she has clear skin, as well as a nice forehead, natural double eyelids, perfect lips.

2. Han Ji Min

Han Ji Min has a golden ratio of 1.3:1:1. Her face is also the perfect oval shape.

3. Jun Ji Hyun

The ratio of the front and curvature of the side of her face is beautiful, and people can experience a dynamic beauty in this actress.

4. Kim Hee Sun

The combination of eyes, nose, and lips have people believing she’s absolutely perfect due to the symmetry. One plastic surgeon even said that her beauty only appears every 100 years!

5. Han Ye Seul

She has a small v-line face and large, slightly upturned eyes. Her face can either be cute and innocent or sexy, which the public loves.

6. Shim Eun Ha

This veteran actress is still known for her beauty. The width of her lower jaw allows her face to become narrower. Since her face is long, she has the ideal u-shaped face.

7. Han Ga In

Plastic surgeons have called her an oriental beauty. Her nose is high and the overall middle part of her face is quite low, so it gives off an oriental vibe. Her high nose also starts from the inner part of the eyes, which is not common in Westerners.

8. Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo‘s symmetrical face is almost perfect. The ratio of the top, middle, and bottom is perfect while the length of the tip of her nose is near perfection.

9. Lee Young Ae

This actress has been praised by her beauty by even other actresses! Her beauty is said to be a combination of Western beauty and Oriental beauty.

10. Suzy

Suzy is the only representative in her 20s on the list, and it’s her eyes that make her stand out. Her eyes are close to perfect – the thickness, position, and eye fat are all natural and attractive.

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