10 K-Pop Christmas Songs To Put You In The Holiday Spirit

Time to get into the holiday spirit with these songs!

The holiday season is finally here and the time to listen to holiday music is now! If you’re looking to get into the true holiday spirit, here are ten songs that are sure to get you ready for the holidays!

1. TWICE’s “Merry & Happy”

2. Stray Kids’ “Christmas EveL”

3. THE BOYZ’s “Christmassy”

4. BTS’ “Butter” Holiday Remix

5. f(x)’s “12:25 (Wish List)

6. EXO’s “Miracles in December”

7. BTS V’s “Snow Flower”

8. MONSTA X’s “Lonely Christmas”

9. JAMIE’s “5 Christmas Languages”

10. Girls’ Generation TTS’ “Dear Santa”

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