10+ K-Pop Idols Who Hated Their Group’s Name (At First)

Some of them even cried due to how much they hated their group’s name!

In K-Pop, there are plenty of groups with some rather unique names. Sometimes, K-Pop idols aren’t too big of fans of their group’s name due to how unique it is. Here’s a list of some K-Pop idols who originally hated their group’s name.

1. The members of Girls’ Generation

In an interview, the members of Girls’ Generation revealed that they actually hated their group name when they first heard it. Some of the members hated it so much that they even cried.

The reason was that at the time, there weren’t many K-Pop groups that were named in Korean, so they were expecting an English group name, such as “Eternity”.

Also, the members thought having the word “generation” in their name was a bit strange as well.

However, the members eventually got used to their name and are now thankful for it.

Here’s the full video below!

2. Chen (EXO)

When EXO debuted, they had a concept where all the members had superpowers.

During an episode of Radio Star, Chen admitted that he wasn’t a fan of the concept or EXO’s name, as he found them a bit embarrassing.

Thankfully, Chen eventually got over this and is now proud of EXO’s name.

3. The members of BTS

While the BTS members now embrace their group name, when they first heard it, they were extremely embarrassed. BTS’s group name means Bulletproof Boy Scouts in Korean, and the members were so embarrassed that they refused to tell people what their group name was until right before their debut. RM even admitted that their group name was a painful memory in their pre-debut days.

For us, we have a painful memory from when we didn’t tell anyone except our family and friends about our name for three years during that time.”

— RM

4. The members of TaeTiSeo

The members of Girls’ Generation-TTS, or TaeTiSeo, originally hated their subunit name.

During an interview with Guerilla Date, the members shared that the name came from their agency.

The members were upset since it wasn’t the most creative name, as it’s just using the first parts of all their names.

However, the members now like the name and are appreciative of their agency for choosing it.

Here’s the full video below!