RM Shares A Painful Memory From BTS’s Pre-Debut Days On “I-LAND”

They kept it a secret for three long years.

Mnet‘s I-LAND has ended, and now the show’s seven chosen trainees will go on to debut in a new boy group, ENHYPEN.

Big Hit Entertainment‘s BTS and TXT both appeared in the final episode as mentors to give advice and cheer on the trainees. The I-LANDers’ triumphs and struggles brought back memories of BTS’s own pre-debut days.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Some of these memories, like V‘s chicken rant, were funny, but one was painful. For three years, BTS kept a secret that wouldn’t be revealed until their debut.

RM in 2013 | Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook

When host Namgoong Min revealed ENHYPEN’s nameRM talked about how BTS’s group name (Bangtan Sonyeondan, meaning Bulletproof Boyscouts) was a painful memory in their pre-debut days.

RM in 2020 | @filakorea/Twitter

“For us, we have a painful memory,” he said. “from when we didn’t tell anyone except our family and friends about our name for three years during that time.” 

“But ‘ENHYPEN’ is a pretty name,” he continued. “and we’re also cheering for the group’s new beginning.” 

Over time, BTS embraced their name just like the world embraced their music. The Bulletproof Boyscouts made their mark on the world, and soon ENHYPEN will too.