BTS’s V Got So Caught Up In A Rant On “I-LAND”, RM Had To Snatch His Mic Away

Let’s be honest, we can all relate.

When Mnet I-LAND‘s host Nam Goong Min asked BTS about their debut days, RM encouraged V to share his story. However, RM soon regretted his choice when V went off on a complete tangent…

Today marked I-LAND’s series finale as seven members were chosen to debut in new boy group, uniquely named ENHYPEN. Since the survival show is a collaboration between CJE&M and Big Hit Entertainment, sunbaenims BTS paid a visit to the finale to cheer the trainees on.

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As the episode rolled on, host Nam Goong Min asked BTS to share their own stories from their early days. Jin revealed a touching sentiment: when he first debuted, he knew he wanted to stay with his members for a long time.

Suga, meanwhile, confessed that seeing a new group of boys debut where he did brought back nostalgic memories.

But when RM encouraged V to talk about his debut experience too, the lead dancer came out with a completely unexpected story. Instead of revealing a heartwarming memory like his fellow members, V only had one thing on his mind: food.

Within moments, he launched into a “rant” about the difference between the food he had as a rookie and the food the I-LAND members get. According to V, there’s “so much” food on I-LAND. When BTS first debuted, however, they “didn’t have much” in comparison.

RM quickly stepped in, urging a smirking V to cut his story short. And for a moment, it seemed like he would, until…

…V went right back into his food talk! He did apologize for bringing up the past, but the BTS star just couldn’t help but mention how he’d get scolded as a rookie just for eating chicken breast with salt.

But before he could get into anymore specifics, RM activated his leader mode and quickly snatched the microphone away from V with an apology!

V’s food rant was so unexpected, even the I-LAND trainees couldn’t keep a straight face by the end of it.

And fans completely lost it while watching, too.

Thankfully for the show’s producers, the rest of BTS’s segment went smoothly—and kindhearted V did eventually offer a serious message of encouragement to the ENHYPEN members.

In a few minutes, you’ll have a complete group. Congratulations in advance. I may not be in a position to say this, but I really wanted to thank you for such a great performance. I hope that in the future, we can perform together on one stage.

— V