Introducing The Seven Members Of I-LAND’s Boy Group “ENHYPEN”

Here are the final 7 members.

Mnet‘s latest survival show I-LAND just finished airing its final episode, and the seven members who will make up the show’s debut group have been announced.

Both BTS and TXT were present at the final episode announcements, and each group shared their words of encouragement to the trainees. TXT’s Soobin wished each member the best of luck during their final performances and on the results.

BTS’s RM shared how he tried to keep the group’s name hidden prior to their debut, but ENHPYEN is so pretty, and all of BTS are supporting them.

Prior to the announcement of the final rankings, it was revealed by Namgoong Min that the group’s name will be ENHYPEN.

Following a performance of “Calling (Run to You)” and more clips of the trainees practicing and in their dorm hanging out together, many of the eliminated trainees, including Taki and Lee Geonu, shared messages of support to the final nine.

Following the advertisement break, I-LAND showed 13 of the eliminated trainees revisiting the I-LAND dorm, and the trainees all reconnecting with each other. Finally, Namgoong Min began to announce the debuting trainees. Here are the final results.

7. Kim Sunoo – Producer’s Pick (8th in voting)

6. Park Sunghoon – 1,088,413 votes

5. Lee Heeseung – 1,137,323 votes

4. Niki – 1,140,728 votes

3. Jake – 1,179,633 votes

2. Jay – 1,192,889 votes

1. Yang Jungwon – 1,417,620 votes

Unfortunately, this means that K and Daniel were eliminated. K finished in 8th place even though he placed 7th in voting with 946,046 votes, while Daniel finished in 9th place with 773,792 votes.