BTS Gives Important Advice To “I-LAND” Trainees About Being Idols

They shared their wisdom in the final episode of “I-LAND”.

If anyone knows what challenges await the I-LAND trainees, it’s BTS. These seven superstars went from underdogs to global icons, and now they’re sharing their wisdom with the next generation of K-Pop artists.

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In the finale of Mnet‘s latest K-Pop survival show, ENHYPEN‘s debut lineup was announced, and the last two eliminees said goodbye to their friends

Prior to the elimination, BTS gave advice that will help every single one of the trainees, whether they are debuting with ENHYPEN or elsewhere in the future.

“First of all, thanks for the performance,” J-Hope said. “It’s fun. You’ll debut soon, so hope to be good colleagues. I hope you never forget the essential, and your beginnings, and what you’ve dreamed of…”

“…what you’ve surrendered to be here, and what you should try harder [to do] to become a better idol.”

“You must love music,” he went on, “and try hard and be passionate for performances. With that, I’m sure you’ll shine even more.” 

Jimin advised the trainees to stay humble and never forget the people who helped their dreams come true. “I don’t know if I’m in the position to give advice,” he said. “but something to think on is never forget your fans, and love your members, and your job.”

“I’m sure you’ll have a good outcome,” he said. “I’ll cheer you on.”

Jungkook pointed out one particular soon-to-be ENHYPEN member who impressed him: Jungwon“That was a good performance,” he began. “In the beginning, I couldn’t see who would stand out, but Jungwon? I thought you were good. You impressed me.” 

For Jungkook, passion is at the root of success and happiness. He said, “And for me, so far, I reached here with passion, so I hope that you never forget what you feel now and go on as your team name indicates.”

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