“I-LAND’s” Final 2 Eliminated Trainees Say Goodbye To Friends And Hello To The Future 

These two trainees will not debut through “I-LAND”, but their dreams aren’t over yet.

In the final episode of Mnet‘s I-LAND, the final seven trainees were chosen to debut in the new boy group, ENHYPEN.

Unfortunately, Daniel and were eliminated from the line-up and will not be continuing on with their ENHYPEN friends. After the eliminations were announced, these two talented trainees said their final farewells to I-LAND. 

“First of all, thank you for trusting me all along and loving me,” Daniel said. “Thank you. And as I went through tests, I got valuable comments and directions, so thank you, producers.”

“In I-LAND, I did group living for the first time, which was a valuable experience for me. I’ll grow harder and further and return as a professional artist. Thank you.”  

Like Daniel, K struggled to hold back his tears but chose to stay positive.

“It’s such a shame,” he began, “but in the future, I’ll keep doing music. It was a great experience for me. I’ll try harder, and I hope to come back and stand next to ENHYPEN. Thank you.”


During Daniel and K’s goodbyes, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Their fellow trainees…

…the producers…

…and seniors felt every bittersweet word. More than that, they understood them on a personal level, having overcome so much in their own career journeys.

K and Daniel’s time on I-LAND is over, but they’ve just begun to walk the road to stardom. They’ll take what they learned from the show and use it to make their dreams come true.