10 K-Pop Idols Who Look Like The Maknaes, But Are Actually The Oldest In Their Group

These idols may have actually found the fountain of youth.

It’s no secret that many K-Pop idols don’t look their age, where many idols look extremely mature for their age.

IZ*ONE’s Woyoung (15 years old)

Many idols also look extremely young for their age, to the point that they might be confused as the youngest. Here are 10 K-Pop idols who are the eldest in the group, but could easily pass off as the maknae.

1. Xiumin (EXO)

2. Nayeon (TWICE)

3. Jinhwan (iKON)

4. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

5. Jinho (PENTAGON)

6. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

7. Jinwoo (WINNER)

8. Chorong (Apink)

9. Jin (BTS)

10. Solar (MAMAMOO)