10+ K-Pop Idols Who Once Worked As Models Pre-Debut

Some of them even participated in modeling contests!

A lot of K-Pop idols have had jobs pre-debut, as some have worked in restaurants, while others were more involved in the entertainment industry. Here are a few K-Pop idols who worked as models before they made their official debut.

1. Ong Seongwu (Former member of WANNA ONE)

Ong Seongwu was a model for various companies before he made his debut. He was a fitting model for online shopping malls, wedding photoshoots, and hairstyling.

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2. Nana (Former member of After School)

Before her debut with After School, Nana participated in the 2009 Asia Pacific Super Model Contest.

3. Suzy (Former member of Miss A)

Suzy’s visuals shined even from her pre-debut days, as she was a model for various online shopping malls.

4. Jin (BTS)

A few months before Jin debuted in BTS, he was a model for Etude House Korea. 

5. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

Jisoo showed off her visuals from an early age, as she was a model for the school uniform brand, Smart.

6. Seolhyun (AOA)

In 2010, Seolhyun competed in the Smart Uniform Model Competition.

7. Hyomin (T-ara)

Hyomin is another idol that modeled for various companies.

Source: Koreaboo

8. Vivi (LOONA)

Before she debuted as a member of LOONA, Vivi was a freelance model for various companies.

9. Jeongyeon, Jihyo, and Nayeon (TWICE)

In 2012, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, and Nayeon all had a brief appearance in Ji Chun Hee’s Collection Runway, where they got a chance to walk the runway.

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