The 10 K-Pop Idols Whose Bodies Korean Women Are Most Jealous Of

They are all body goals!

In a survey conducted by JOB KOREA and ALBAMON, Korean women voted for the female celebrity whose body they wish to achieve after successfully dieting. Check out their top 10 choices for female celebrities with the most enviable bodies below!

10. Jessi

Jessi is known for her toned yet curvy physique.

She’s breaking the barriers of beauty standards in Korea with her curvy body and gorgeous tan skin!

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

9. Son Naeun

Son Naeun went viral for her slim body when she rocked a pair of athletic Adidas leggings.

Her gorgeous body line in the sporty style circulated Korean forums and became workout motivation!

8. IU

At 161.7 cm and 44.9 kg, IU is on the petite side.

She’s almost fairy-like!

7. Soyou

Formerly of SISTAR, Soyou has been idolized in the world of K-Pop for years for her body goals physique.

Soyou achieved her success with healthy methods and even gave fans weight loss advice.


Like much of BLACKPINK, Rosé is acknowledged for her thin and dainty physique.

Whether she’s dancing or simple on stage, her doll-like aura steals everyone’s attention!

5. Suzy

Not only is Suzy known as face goals…

…she’s also totally body goals!

4. Jun Ji Hyun

Amongst a list of idols, Jun Ji Hyun is the only actress to make the top 10.

Her curves are enviable!

3. Seolhyun

Seolhyun once revealed that the viral story of her eating only chicken breasts, eggs, and sweet potatoes to maintain her weight is a lie.

In reality, she eats more but also works out diligently!

2. HyunA

HyunA isn’t afraid to show off her slim and toned body.

She unapologetically rocks what she’s got!

1. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Jennie received first place for her slender yet curvy body.

Jennie’s ideal body comes with a lot of hard work!