Here Are Soyou’s Top 6 Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Healthy And Effective

Read #2, then read it again.

Soyou recently revealed her valuable weight loss tips that are healthy, safe, and will actually help you see results. Check out the top 6 that everyone who’s starting their fitness journey should know!

| @soooo_you/Instagram

1. Food is the most important part.

You can exercise all you want, but if you’re not changing your diet, it will be difficult to see results.

2. Don’t go to extreme measures.

Cutting your calories too low when you’re trying to lose weight is unhealthy and ineffective.

One of the most important parts of dieting is staying consistent…

…so choosing extreme measures from the beginning will only make you more likely to fail since it’s not maintainable and will make you more likely to binge eat.

3. Eat all three meals every day.

Even if you’re not a fan of breakfast, try eating something small.

Soyou suggests adjusting your meals by eating a bit less than usual and/or adding healthy replacement options.

4. Pack your own lunch.

By using your precious time to create your own meal, you will be much more determined to eat your healthy choice instead of ordering out.

5. Take photos of what you eat.

Soyou uses an app called “Time Stamp” where she keeps track of her meals, but you can also create an album in your camera roll.

6. Find a form of exercise you enjoy and be consistent.

She loves yoga, weight-lifting, and cardio, but as long as you find what you like to do, it will be easier to stay consistent.

Watch her whole diet vlog below!