10 K-Pop Life Hacks That Will Make Your Fandom Life Much, Much Easier

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1. Free Language Learning Apps

Check out language-learning websites and apps like Duolingo, Memrise, Babbel and more!

You can use them to learn Korean, whether you’re starting at the beginning or want to brush up on the basics.

After a few lessons on the app, you’ll be able to leave a meaningful message to your bias on their social media or while they livestream!

Looking for a K-Popped version? Try out BTS’s Learn Korean With BTS series!

2. Pack a mini-folding chair!

We all know the struggle of waiting outside the venue all day long because of standing tickets.

To avoid aching feet and draining all your energy before the concert starts, pick up a pocket stool or event stool.

These items are easy to store, and will keep you comfy during the long wait.

3. Travel with merchandise safely and with style.

Many idol groups who promote in Japan have official Japanese fan club merchandise, which usually includes uchiwa fans!

You can find uchiwa fan covers like these in Japan to keep the precious merchandise safe while bringing them to support your faves.

Invest in a light stick bags like this to roll up to your biases concert in style, while keeping your lightstick & valuables safe!

4. Keep your custom signs easy to carry.

When going to your favourite group’s concert, you definitely want to have the least amount of luggage on you while still having your concert essentials!

These folding poster boards are easy to make and carry, plus they will get you noticed by your bias!

Learn how to make them with this tutorial!

5. Learn creative ways to display your concert streamers!

A very special souvenir from K-Pop concerts is the streamers and confetti that mark the finale of a show.

These streamer collection boxes are a special way to display streamers from different concerts that fans have attended!

Another cute way to show off your streamer from a memorable K-Pop concert are these cute streamer key chains.

You can also wear them as bracelets!

6. Follow your Korean Embassy and Consulate social media pages.

Tired of fangirling in your bedroom? Follow the social media of the Korean embassy or consulate near you and learn about opportunities to meet the K-Pop community at home!

You can take a K-Pop dance class, watch a K-Pop music festival, and even learn Korean through their programs!

7. Look into “Friends & Family” tickets for your fave oppa or unnie’s concert.

If you’re ultimate bias group’s concert is completely sold out, here’s a tip: Call the venue and find out if they will be releasing “friends and family” tickets before the show.

Often times, especially in North America, the artist and promoters will hold certain tickets for friends, family, or other personal guests.

Those tickets are released usually the day before the concert, and they are really good seats!

8. Join buy & sell K-Pop merchandise groups for cheap merch.

Join K-Pop merchandise groups on Facebook to get good quality merchandise for a lower price!

Through these groups you can find gently used, rare merchandise for a good deal.

Be sure to ask for pictures of the merchandise and pay through secure methods to prevent getting ripped off!

9. Invest in platform sneakers and instantly improve your concert pit fancams.

If you’re a shortie but still want to experience the full standing pit experience, consider investing in a comfy pair of platform sneakers.

You can even grab a pair of the designer platform sneakers if you’re feeling fancy.

These shoes will give you an extra boost so you can your bias perfectly well!

10. Make your DIY K-Pop school or office supplies!

If you’re looking for a cheap and fun way to bring K-Pop-branded supplies to school or to the office, look into fun DIY K-Pop vids.

Make cute K-Pop notebooks, dividers, and binders with this tutorial. Keep searching for DIY tutorials like this one, and roll up to school or work in style!

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