10 K-Pop Title Tracks That Had Disappointingly Short Promotions

EXO barely appeared on music shows.

Most K-Pop groups promote for an average of two weeks on music shows, reality shows, and more. While some can continue for almost a month of promotions, others have disappointingly few appearances.

From boy groups to girl groups, seniors and rookies, here are some groups that deserved to have more promotions.

1. Girls’ Generation Oh!GG – Lil’ Touch

“Lil’ Touch” by Girls’ Generation‘s sub-unit Oh!GG never made it to music shows. Fans will have to content themselves with the music video of the five remaining members in SM Entertainment.

2. EXO – Tempo

The number of times EXO promoted “Tempo” on music shows can be counted on one hand. Only performing it in major channels in South Korea, they moved on to “Love Shot” shortly after.

3. Baekhyun – UN Village

Like with most of EXO’s recent title tracks, Baekhyun‘s solo “UN Village” charted high but lacked promotions. He performed it in Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo but only one time each.

4. 2PM – My House

“My House” by 2PM was a mature song to match their manly image. Sadly, they hardly performed it live despite it being their last comeback before their mandatory military service.

5. Kang Daniel – What Are You Up To

One of K-Pop’s breakout stars, Kang Daniel‘s debut was highly anticipated. Because of his dispute against his former agency, LM Entertainment, however, he was only able to promote “What Are You Up To” in his debut showcase.

6. CLC – Where Are You

Unlike other groups on this list, CLC promoted for more than a few weeks but with different songs. After a little over a week of singing “Where Are You” on music shows, they moved on to “Summer Kiss” and “I Like That”.

7. GOT7- You Calling My Name

GOT7‘s latest comeback, “You Calling My Name” received roughly a week of promotions. Showing a more mature side of themselves, it was a shame for fans to not have more live shows from the Call My Name title track.


WINNER‘s promotions, like with all YG Entertainment artists, are already short because they only perform in Music Core and Inkigayo. Their “SOSO” comeback, sadly, lasted only a week, shorter than their usual 2-week promotions.

9. BLACKPINK – Kill This Love

BLACKPINK performed “Kill This Love” only a handful of times in South Korea. Luckily for BLINKS, they made their Coachella debut shortly thereafter and blessed them with more content.

10. Red Velvet – Psycho

Red Velvet only promoted “Psycho” for a handful of stages following one of the most upsetting incidents in K-Pop. Because Wendy was injured in the SBS Gayo Daejeon rehearsals, the group performed without their main vocal in select award shows.

Source: Reddit