Fans Urge Kang Daniel To Settle Dispute With LM Entertainment

Fans want him to return asap.

Amid the dispute between former Wanna One member Kang Daniel and his agency LM Entertainment, some fans have begun to urge Daniel to make a settlement.

Fans reactions were initially split after news of Daniel’s dispute with his agency. Some expressed their full support for his choice, whatever it may be, and others hoped that he would settle the dispute and return to his activities. The former claim that he was probably mistreated by his agency and CJ and wished him better treatment. The latter expressed that the time spent on lawsuits was a big waste of his precious time and wanted to see him back on stage as soon as possible.


After reports indicated that the dispute was not making much progress and things started to get more serious, more fans have been urging Daniel to make a settlement and return to his activities. Fans have been using the hashtag #KangDaniel_Settle (#강다니엘_합의해) to deliver their message.


Meanwhile, many fans continue to patiently wait in support of Daniel’s choice.


LM Entertainment has stated that they are doing their best to reach an agreement. Meanwhile, Kang Daniel has hired a lawyer who is famous for having been responsible for numerous cases in the entertainment industry.

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Source: Spotv News