Kang Daniel Hires Lawyer Of Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend

“Things must be getting serious.”

Kang Daniel has reportedly hired Seon Jong Moon, the lawyer who was in charge of huge cases in the entertainment industry including the scandal between Kim Hyun Joon and his ex-girlfriend.

Kang Daniel has recently been in a dispute with his agency, LM Entertainment, and has even opened a new Instagram account on his own as a result.


Seo Jong Moon is famous for having been the legal representative for Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend as well as numerous other celebrities including actress Jin Se Yeon, Madtown and comedian Jang Dong Min.

He is currently communicating with LM Entertainment on behalf of Kang Daniel and has stated that no progress has been made yet.

Since the certification of contents was delivered, we have achieved no further progress. We have no additional statements at this time.

ㅡ Seon Jong Moon


The certification of contents the lawyer was referring to was the request that Kang Daniel sent to the agency demanding modifications to their existing contract. In the document, Kang Daniel stated his intentions to cancel the contract if the demands weren’t met.

Daniel has since posted a message to his worrying fans and created a new Instagram account to communicate with them directly.

Kang Daniel Reveals He Is Indeed Currently In Dispute With His Own Agency


Meanwhile, netizens have been showing various reactions to the news:

  • “Things must be getting serious.”
  • “The young fellow must be desperate to earn money.”
  • “Good, he should be clear about things that he believe is wrong.”
  • “Honestly, Kang Daniel is in the wrong here.”
  • “Looks like things are taking a turn for the worse.”
Source: Xportsnews