Kang Daniel Opens New Instagram Account Following Dispute With Agency

He is starting afresh.

After Kang Daniel confirmed that he was at odds with his agency, LM Entertainment, through a post on his official fan cafe, he has opened a new Instagram account.

Kang Daniel revealed in the post that the dispute arose when the agency declined his request to regain control of his social media accounts. He also announced that he would be opening a new personal Instagram the following day (March 4th).

I asked my agency to transfer access to my social media accounts to me, so I would be able to provide my fans any updates, as I wasn’t able to let everyone know how I was doing through social media, and I thought my fans would be worried.

I have been waiting and waiting for my agency to honor my repeated requests, so I could show everyone a better side of myself, but my company refused all requests for transferring the social media accounts to me. Also, articles about my conflict with my agency were released today.

After seeing the articles and taking some time to think about it, I also felt very embarrassed due to the many articles that included malicious or groundless information. However, I was also worried about all of my fans, who could be hurt by such false rumors and stories. I’ve taken up the courage to open my new personal Instagram account at 12pm KST tomorrow (March 4).

ㅡ Kang Daniel


As stated in his post, Kang Daniel has opened his very own Instagram under the username daniel.k.here and has already shared his first post, which was captioned, “Hello. It’s been so long.”


The first post was followed by two more posts that included photos of Kang Daniel.


Meanwhile, many fans have been expressing that they could not follow Kang Daniel’s new Instagram account, most likely because too many people were trying to follow him.

  • “Why?? Cannot follow him.”
  • “I can’t follow him. Kang Daniel effect I guess.”
  • “I can’t follow.”
  • “Daniel we missed a lot. Now we are here. We will continue trying to follow your account. You broke it. I love you.”

Kang Daniel vs. LM Entertainment