Music Shows Reportedly Refusing To Allow Kang Daniel To Perform For His Solo Debut

His agency responded to the claims.

Music shows are reportedly hesitant about confirming Kang Daniel to perform on their show for his official solo debut. With just a week away from his album release, he has not been confirmed to perform on any of the music shows so far.

This is an unusual sight in the industry as popular artists such as Kang Daniel are usually booked in advance.


An industry insider claimed that Kang Daniel won’t be performing on music shows for his debut promotions because of his ongoing legal dispute with LM Entertainment.

Since Kang Daniel’s legal dispute with [LM Entertainment] hasn’t ended yet, many of the producers are hesitant in casting him for their show.

— Insider

However, KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT denied the claims and confirmed that Kang Daniel is planning to perform on music shows. The explained that they are still negotiating with the producers.

This is untrue. We are holding face-to-face meetings with the music show producers to negotiate.



Despite the court ruling in Kang Daniel’s favor not just once but twice, LM Entertainment refuses to end the legal dispute. They have reportedly gathered “new material” and recently submitted another appeal.

With obstacles trying to stop Kang Daniel left and right, he personally revealed that he had been “shaken up” by the recent events. But he refuses to let it stop his dream as he vowed to “show the best quality of music to [his] fans as soon as possible.”

Kang Daniel’s debut album, “color on me”, is set to drop on July 25 and he will be holding showcases and fan meetings all over Asia to finally greet his fans after a long involuntary hiatus.

Source: Sports Donga

Kang Daniel vs. LM Entertainment

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