Kang Daniel Drops More Teasers For His Solo Debut And The Excitement Is Real

Everyone is even more pumped for his solo debut after seeing his latest teasers!

It’s time to celebrate because not only has the date for Kang Daniel‘s long-awaited solo debut been revealed, but he’s also dropped another teaser too!


Everyone has eagerly been awaiting Kang Daniel’s solo debut so when his agency, KONNECT Entertainment, launched a brand new website on June 11 with a simple “Kang Daniel” title and a mysterious timer things got even more exciting.


Especially since that timer counted right down to reveal a beautiful teaser image for his upcoming solo debut and his debut date too!


Fans were so excited about the news that at first when the timer reached zero, the website crashed! But everything was quickly fixed and fans were able to celebrate the big news! That, however, wasn’t the end to KONNECT Entertainment and Kang Daniel spoiling us all with amazing teasers!


While everyone was already pumped once the debut date was dropped, things just got even more real because, on July 14, his website has once again updated to reveal a brand new teaser image featuring the words “Color On Me!”


With the brand new teaser now out, everyone has been expressing their excitement over his upcoming debut and sending some serious love to him and his agency for all the beautiful teasers!


With these gorgeous teasers warming all our hearts, the only thing we need now is for July 25 to get here so we can hear Kang Daniel’s stunning voice too!

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