LM Entertainment Claims They Have New Evidence To Reveal The Truth About Kang Daniel

LM Entertainment is not done with their fight.

Kang Daniel won the second legal battle against LM Entertainment, where the court ultimately denied LM’s appeal against their original judgment that claimed Kang Daniels’ exclusive contract with LM Entertainment is void.

However, it appears LM Entertainment is not done with their fight. Their legal team released a new statement that claimed that they did not agree with the decision and will file another appeal. They also revealed that they will be submitted new evidence to reveal the truth behind their dispute.

LM had apparently not submitted the evidence during the original trial as it was a sensitive material related to their dispute but they have decided to reveal it in order to “reveal the truth“.

LM Entertainment does not agree with the decision and will appeal the decision of the disposition. LM Entertainment’s legal team has recently obtained new litigation materials that will reveal the truth. The materials are closely related to the situation and so we had not submitted it during the original trial.

We would like to emphasize that LM Entertainment did not violate their contract with Kang Daniel, and this dispute was not due to LM Entertainment’s fault. We will prove all of this.

— LM’s Legal Team

Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment have been in an ongoing legal battle since March, where Kang Daniel claimed LM violated their exclusive contract by “selling” his rights to a 3rd party (MMO Entertainment) without his consent. LM claimed they did not sell his rights but more so created a partnership with MMO.

The court ruled in Kang Daniel’s favor in May, and he’s been preparing for his solo debut in July by establishing his own company, KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT.

Kang Daniel vs. LM Entertainment