Kang Daniel Has Established His Very Own Agency Ahead Of His Solo Debut

Daniel now owns his own agency.

Kang Daniel has established his own agency, KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT, of which he is the only current artist currently. The agency has their own office in Seoul.

This comes off the back of Daniel winning his legal dispute against LM Entertainment who had been holding the idol to an unfair exclusive contract. Daniel started to make preparations for creating his agency shortly after his victory in court.

A representative of KONNECT Entertainment explained why Daniel chose to go down this route:

He went in the direction of setting up a one-man agency after considering what kind of agency would work for him as an individual in the long-term. In addition, he wants to make a speedy comeback for his fans so that played a big role in the decision. A one-man agency which is focused and efficient is the most suitable for making swift preparations.

– KONNECT representative

It looks like Daniel may be coming back sooner than we thought thanks to his newly-established agency.

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