LM Refuses To Admit Defeat As They Reportedly File Another Appeal Against Kang Daniel

They won’t leave Kang Daniel alone.

Despite the fact that LM Entertaintainment has lost their original trial and their first trial for appeal against Kang Daniel, they refuse to admit defeat. They have reportedly begun the fight once more as they filed a new appeal against the singer.

LM’s legal team claimed that they submitted new material against Kang Daniel that will “reveal the truth”.

We do not agree with the court’s decision, and we will receive a new judgment through an appeal. We submitted new litigation materials that can reveal the truth.

— LM Entertainment’s Legal Team

In response to LM’s new appeal, Kang Daniel’s legal team vowed that they are ready to take legal action to fight back.

If an appeal is submitted to the court, we will actively respond after reviewing the materials.

— Kang Daniel’s Lawyer

The legal fight between LM and Kang Daniel first began in March when Kang Daniel claimed that the agency violated their exclusive contract by selling his rights to a third party company without his consent. The judge ruled in Kang Daniel’s favor for the first trial and stood by their judgment when LM submitted an appeal.

Kang Daniel has since been legally free to return to his promotions without any ties to LM Entertainment. Kang Daniel has since set up his own agency and is gearing up for his official solo debut on July 25 with his first album, titled “color on me”.

Kang Daniel vs. LM Entertainment

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