The Court Rules In Favour Of Suspending Kang Daniel’s Exclusive Contract With LM Entertainment

Daniel may finally be free.

The legal representatives of Kang Daniel, Yulchon LLC, released an official statement on May 10th regarding Daniel’s ongoing dispute with LM Entertainment.


This is Yeom Yong Pyo of Yulchon LLC, the legal representative of Kang Daniel.

On March 19th, Kang Daniel filed an injunction to the Seoul District Court to suspend his exclusive contract with his agency and on May 10th, the courts have reached a verdict and accepted his request.

As a result of their decision, Kang Daniel will be able pursue independent activities as a celebrity.

The courts found that the joint business contract that LM Entertainment signed with another party on January 28th was a contract that transferred the majority of management rights for Kang Daniel to a third party. As Kang Daniel had not been contacted prior for consent; LM Entertainment’s actions not only went against the exclusive contract, but they also broke the trust that is the foundation of the exclusive contract. Therefore, it was decided that LM Entertainment’s actions made it difficult to maintain a relationship between the agency and Kang Daniel.

As a result, the exclusive contract between Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment has been suspended, and LM Entertainment is forbidden from interfering in Kang Daniel’s activities, and they are also forbidden from negotiating or signing contracts on his behalf.

– Yeom Yong Pyo

A representative of LM Entertainment says that the company plans to appeal the decision.

Kang Daniel vs. LM Entertainment