Here Are 10+ Male Idols Being Good Boys With Good Manners

Beautiful — inside and out 🥰

There is a playful saying, at least amongst Koreans, that “A good soul comes with a good face.” And as shallow as that sounds, it has proven true for these 10+ male idols in the K-Pop world. Their sweetest moments of kindness have been caught on camera — and boy, do these leave K-Pop fans convinced that beautiful boys surely come with beautiful manners indeed.

1. The Arm-brella

BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae knew exactly what to do to make sure his sunbae-nim Taeyeon doesn’t end up eating confetti.

2. The No-Touch Police

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu said “Not today, sir” when Hyun Jin Young‘s hand fell too close to SPICA Bohyung‘s body.

3. The Hand Cushion

Yes. When BTS‘s V threw his hand in the way to protect EXO Baekhyun‘s head, that bromance ship set sail very quickly.

4. The Confetti Collector

Stray Kids‘s Felix couldn’t let MAMAMOO Hwasa sunbae-nim to walk around tangled in the confetti strips. No, his good heart wouldn’t allow that.

5. The Prince Charming

VIXX‘s Leo dropped his K-Pop idol act and shined in his Prince Charming glory when he naturally held up his arm to help Girl’s Day‘s Minah down the stairs.

6. The Traffic Fairy

Here’s the next generation it-boy TXT‘s Yeonjun overlooking the traffic on stage to make sure no one gets hurt. Not under his watch!

7. The Textbook Manner

EXO Suho‘s kindness went viral so many times that he eventually made it on to a “How To Help Patients” textbook used to train staff in a Korean hospital. Here’s Suho guiding Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA down the stage!

8. The Wire Watcher

The way NCT‘s Johnny paid attention to the smallest things — like the wire from his microphone being a trip hazard — had K-Pop fans screaming. Screaming for this sensitive king!

9. The Jacket Blanket

What’s the point of wearing a fancy jacket if it can’t double as a blanket, right? GOT7‘s Jackson came through when the high bar chairs gave comedian An Young Mi a bit of struggle.

10. The Nuna Protector

MONSTA X‘s Joohoney — in all black, to make things even better — looked fine AF whipping out that protective blanket out of nowhere for Hyolyn (Swoon).

Bonus: The Paw-fect Parenting

Yes, WINNER Hoony‘s dog Haute is a dog. But that didn’t stop Yoon from teaching him some manners. After all, what if Haute didn’t want to be so exposed on camera like that? Haha 😂

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