10 Male Idols Who Look Dangerously Sexy In White Dress Shirts

Hot damn, boys!

There is something irresistibly sexy about a man in a clean white dress shirt. It’s a timeless piece — and it is relatively easy to throw together in a stylish outfit. Hence, many K-Pop male idols have stolen our hearts with the classic white shirt look. Here are 10 who looked dangerously sexy in their dressy tops.

1. BTS’s V

While there is an overall angelic vibe to this picture of BTS‘s V, the silky texture of his unique button-down shirt surely adds a sexy flare.

2. EXO’s Kai

This picture, which captured EXO‘s Kai on stage, set the internet on fire. From his smile, to his messy hair, and that v-neck line — this screams sexy.

3. TXT’s Yeonjun

TXT‘s Yeonjun is in his blooming 20s and no one can stop his big sexy energy from growing every day. Even in a school uniform type outfit, he is risqué.

4. ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

The rain may have worked in ASTRO Cha Eunwoo‘s favor this concert night, when he made some of the wildest fan girl dreams come true.

5. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan is actually more known for his UWU side, but when he wore this oversized white shirt — it turned all the UWUs into OH WOWs.

6. Ong Seong Wu

The white shirt look is one of Ong Seong Wu‘s favorites. He pulls it off with the most clean cut vibe of them all — and nothing is more attractive than a clean cut man.

7. Kang Daniel

K-Pop fans know, Kang Daniel is all about white shirts and white shirts are made for Kang Daniel. His broad shoulders, draped in a simple dress shirt, is perhaps a bit too dangerous.

8. VIXX’s Leo

The white shirt look actually brings out the best of VIXX‘s Leo — his translucent skin. His take on this classic look, spiced up with a harness, drove K-Pop fans thirsty AF.

9. NU’EST’s Aron

And there is something almost rigid about NU’EST Aron‘s white shirt look. It is formal, it is charismatic, and it is incredibly hot. Talk about that mature sexy.

10. SF9’s Taeyang

This picture of SF9‘s Taeyang at the airport gave him the nickname Manager Yoo. He looks like he popped right out of a scene from a romantic K-Drama!