10+ Male Idols Who Totally Radiate Bad Boy Vibes

They really do give “bad boy” vibes!

Idols often have visual categories that they’re put under, such as refreshing visuals, girl-crush visuals, etc. Here are 10+ very handsome male idols who are said to give off total “bad boy” vibes onstage, and even though they’re incredibly soft, their charisma is a total winner in the eyes of their fans!


INFINITE‘s L is one of K-Pop’s most popular male visuals, and is known for his cold, “city-guy” visuals. He’s also known to be a total softie, but fans love his cool and chic side as well!


2. BTS’s Suga

BTS‘s Suga is pretty famous for his blunt, straight-forward personality, and his overflowing charisma and fire raps lend to him quite the bad boy image onstage! Fans, however, know that he’s actually a whole cutie offstage, and has the brightest smile ever!


3. GOT7’s JB

GOT7‘s JB is well-noted for his quiet, stoic demeanor, and along with his chic visuals, he comes off as having very strong “bad boy” vibes! But as soon as he flashes a bright grin, it’s all over for you!


4. EXO’s Kai

EXO‘s Kai is an explosion of talent and charisma onstage, and his vibes often have him pinned under the “bad boy” label! But offstage, he’s a huge softie, and fans can’t get over the contrast to his image!


5. NCT 127’s Taeyong

As NCT 127‘s main dancer and rapper, Taeyong is a powerhouse of talent and cool vibes onstage, and fans are in love with his extremely powerful aura as a performer! His ethereal visuals and cool demeanor onstage give him total “bad boy” vibes, and they totally suit Taeyong!


6. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon could arguably be K-Pop OG “bad boy” idol, and is constantly making his own trends and captivating fans everytime he performs!


7. iKON’s Bobby

iKON‘s Bobby is the group’s charismatic main rapper, and he’s quite famous among fans for having a “bad boy” image! He’s charismatic and cool, and owns every concept very well!


8. NCT 127’s Yuta

NCT 127‘s Yuta gives off an intensity that’s inimitable onstage, and totally dominates with his “bad boy” energy!


9. WINNER’s Mino

WINNER‘s Mino is the main rapper of his group, and gives off major “bad boy” vibes onstage! Offstage, however, he’s a hilarious goofball who loves to laugh and have a good time, and this contrast with his onstage personality baffles so many of his fans!


10. MONSTA X’s I.M.

MONSTA X‘s rapper and maknae I.M. is well-known for his intimidating stage persona, and can totally be classified as “bad boy” material! Fans know that his actual personality is way different, but love his intense vibes anyway!


11. SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo is quite introverted and quiet, and when that is combined with his good looks, he gives off very silent stoic visual vibes! With his visuals and charismatic allure onstage, fans can totally see the “bad boy” vibes coming from him!


12. Stray Kids’ Lee Know

Stray KidsLee Know is the group’s main dancer, and with smooth, suave moves, captivates fans everywhere! These highly skilled dance moves come with the most charismatic of vibes onstage, and Lee Know often comes off as 100% bad boy material!


13. EXO’s Sehun

EXO’s Sehun is quite famous for his RBF, and that combined with his sexy aura onstage, makes fans believe that he’s a perfect bad boy!


14. VIXX’s Leo

VIXX‘s Leo is known to be the shyest member of his group, and his quiet personality and chic looks lend to him a very strong bad boy vibe! But fans know that underneath his seemingly stoic demeanor, he’s a huge fluffball with the brightest smile!


15. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon is the group’s charismatic main rapper, and is always blowing fans away with his cool and chic bad boy vibes onstage!


16. ATEEZ’s Yunho

ATEEZ‘s Yunho is another idol well-known for his intense and charismatic vibes onstage, and fans believe he totally fits under the bad boy aesthetic!