10+ Male K-Pop Idols Who Grew Up In Wealthy Families

Number 5 is rumored to come from a billionaire family!

There are plenty of female K-Pop idols who were fortunate to grow up in a wealthy family. There are also plenty of male idols who grew up in a wealthy family, such as these 13.

1. Siwon (Super Junior)

Siwon’s father is the CEO of Boryung Medicine, and his family owns the Hyundai Department Store Chain.

2. Hyungsik (ZE:A)

Hyungsik’s father is a board member at BMW Korea, which is one of the highest positions.

3. Suho (EXO)

Suho’s father is a professor, and his mother was once a math teacher. Suho also grew up in Apgujeong, which is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in South Korea.

4. Jinwoon (2AM)

Jiwoon’s father is a professional manager, and his mother runs an interior design business.

5. Chenle (NCT)

It’s rumored that Chenle’s part of a billionaire family, as fans claim that his grandfather is one of China’s Top 20 entrepreneurs.

6. VIINI/Kwon Hyunbin

VIINI has revealed in the past that he grew up in a well-off family, as he got to study abroad when he was young.

7. Ten (NCT)

When Ten was a student, he attended Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok, Thailand. The average price of tuition at this school is around 200 million won (167,652 USD) over 10 years.

8. Mark (GOT7)

Mark’s father was a famous entrepreneur. The GOT7 members have revealed in the past that Mark’s house has a large lawn and a swimming pool.

9. Nichkhun (2PM)

Nichkhun’s father and mother are both CEOs of a trading and pharmaceutical company.

10. Jaehyun (NCT)

Jaehyun grew up in a rich area in Gangman, which shows that his family is quite wealthy.

11. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

Kyuhyun’s father has opened multiple educational institutes in South Korea. Kyuhyun’s mother has also established many businesses, such as opening an art academy.

12. Sungjae (BTOB)

Sungjae’s father is the CEO of a semiconductor company.

13. P.O (Block B)

P.O’s father is the CEO of a large online department store.