10 Memes In Response To The 2020 MAMA Parking Lot Controversy

Hopefully the parking lot was as fun as some of these memes show

Following Mnet‘s 2020 MAMA show, news broke out about the unfair treatment between the singers and actors. Through released photos, fans learned that the idols were required to wait in the parking lot inside their cars while the actors received their own waiting rooms. Of course, this news upset many fans as the temperature the night of the 2020 MAMA was very cold.

Fans took to Twitter to express their anger and some even made some hilarious memes about the situation. Hopefully, the various groups made the most of this terrible situation as many of these memes show.

Here are 10 memes about the 2020 MAMA parking lot:

1. Did Mnet Not Expect Fans To Get Upset?

2. A Pretty Accurate Representation Of K-Pop Fans After They Heard About Idols Waiting In The Parking Lot

3. Doesn’t Matter Where Jungkook Gets His Hair And Makeup Done, He Will Always Look Gorgeous

4. This Would Be Hilarious To Watch

5. Wouldn’t Be Suprised If This Actually Happened

6. Why Is This So Funny?

7. What If It Was Actually Like This?

8. Fans Will Be Mad For A While, Sorry Not Sorry Mnet

9. Hopefully They Kept Eachother Warm

10. Imagine Groups Doing Eachother’s Choreography!