10 Most Memorable Scenes From The Hit K-Drama “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

It has been three years already, since the final episode of Guardian: The Lonely and Great God made us ugly cry. This mega hit series became the first cable channel K-Drama to reach over 20% viewer ratings — beating Reply 1988‘s record of 19% — rewriting tvN channel’s history of drama productions and opening new doors for more genres and series. The success didn’t surprise anyone though: Guardian: The Lonely and Great God had done everything right. From a solid storyline to an incredible cast, it was bound to charm the viewers from the get go. Here are 10 most memorable scenes from the series that kept K-Drama lovers glued to their seats for 16 episodes straight!

1. The First Interaction

On her birthday, the lonely and unfortunate Ji Eun Tak, played by actress Kim Go Eun, finds out that she can summon the guardian Kim Shin, played by actor Gong Yoo, by blowing out fire. Is that not the best birthday present in the universe?

2. The Song

As Kim Shin and the Grim Reaper, played by actor Lee Dong Wook, begin living together under the same roof, the two can’t help but bicker over their differences. One day, the fed-up Grim Reaper decides to set off Kim Shin by singing the most legenddary of all legendary songs: The Guardian Panty Song.

3. The Rescue

When Ji Eun Tak finds herself in trouble, Kim Shin comes to her rescue — as he is the Guardian after all. When she gets kidnapped by hyenas looking to steal her mother’s insurance money, Kim Shin and the Grim Reaper overcome their differences and join forces to come save her from danger. This most epic and dramatic entrance still makes us scream!

4. The Sub-Couple

Sunny-ssi, played by actress Yoo In Na, first runs into the Grim Reaper on a bridge — as they both reach for the same ring on sale. The Grim Reaper sheds tears as soon as he sees Sunny-ssi and she immediately becomes intrigued by this mysterious, big puppy-eyed, boy of a man. This sub-couple remains one of the most shipped sub-couples in the history of K-Dramas.

5. The Confession

Kim Shin tries to hide his feelings growing for Ji Eun Tak — but when the two travel to Canada together, he can no longer control his heart. He reads a poem called “The Physics of Love” by poet Kim In Yook, as he admits that he has fallen in love with the only girl who can and will bring him his death.

6. The Flirting

When Sunny-ssi asks the Grim Reaper for his interests, in her attempt to get to know the mysterious man a little better, the Grim Reaper answers, “Sunny-ssi.” She is flattered by the Grim Reaper’s straightforwardness and can’t help become more attracted to him. This entire scene ends up teaching Korean viewers the most important lesson of their lives: How to flirt like Lee Dong Wook 101.

7. The Kiss

As soon as Ji Eun Tak turns her legal age, she and Kim Shin take their relationship further by sharing the most romantic kiss in a sidewalk snack cart. When the nervous Kim Shin tries to stop time with his superpower as Ji Eun Tak leans in for the kiss… Well, he most definitely stopped the viewers’ hearts too.

8. The Villain

The evil ghost of Eunuch Park Joong Hun, played by actor Kim Byung Cheol, becomes better known as Mr. Pagook (Catastrophe) among the viewers as his sole goal is to bring on doomsday to his archenemy Kim Shin. His creepiest entrance scene, as he introduces himself to Ji Eun Tak, is the perfect K-Drama content to give us nightmares for days.

9. The Sad Ending

In the final few episodes, Kim Shin comes to the end of his life, as an unending punishment for his past. This heartbreaking moment of Ji Eun Tak pulling the magic sword out of Kim Shin’s heart made the viewers ugly cry and wake up with the puffiest eyes next morning. Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo’s most stellar acting only contributed to making the whole scene as tragic and depressing as it is.

10. The Happy Ending

On the other hand, the viewers couldn’t stop sobbing at the mildly happy ending that dawned on the sub-couple. The Grim Reaper and Sunny-ssi finally find eternity together as she comes to her death and the Grim Reaper leads her to peace. Though in death, the sub-couple’s happily-ever-after convinced the viewers that true love does exist.