10 Mistakes in K-Pop MVs That Nobody Noticed

Blink and you’ll miss it!

With how fast-paced and flashy music videos are, there are many mistakes we all could have missed, even if we watch it over and over again. Here are some music video mistakes that you probably didn’t notice!


If you look closely, Nayeon accidentally bumps into Chaeyoung while changing positions! So that they don’t collide, Nayeon takes her hand off her hip. It goes by pretty fast, most fans don’t even notice!

2. Cosmic Girls (WJSN) – Catch Me

During Soobin’s solo scene, we can see Seola and Yeoreum trying to duck out of frame. At least they tried to give their fellow member time to shine!

3.  BTS – I NEED U

Was this a mistake? Was it on purpose? Either way, it certainly wasn’t in the script! While everyone is serious and in character, V couldn’t help but look at the camera and give us a cheeky grin.

4. Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – Paparazzi

During the ending pose, we see that everybody’s legs are flat on the ground. Well, everyone except Hyoyeon! She stomps her foot on the ground and poses with the other girls. It may be a mistake, but it sure is a fierce one!

5. EXO – Growl

EXO’s powerful main dancer Kai may have danced too powerfully – his tie got caught in his cap! He’s quick to fix it though, flipping it back down before any of us could really notice.

6. Red Velvet – Russian Roulette

Though Wendy is at the side, we can see that she accidentally messes up the choreography. It looks like she noticed too – she purses her lips and scrunches her nose ever so slightly when she realizes she made a mistake. Even when she forgets the dance, she looks adorable!

7. TWICE – Heart Shaker

TWICE makes an appearance on the list again! If you look closely, Tzuyu accidentally stumbles while performing a dance move. She’s in the back so it’s easy not to notice, but once you do, you’ll never not notice!


She’s in the back so it’s easy to miss, but Rosé almost forgets to do the choreography! She sees the other girls do it and catches on, so she is able to act as if she didn’t forget. Good on her for being quick!

9. OH MY GIRL – Liar Liar

During the ending scene, we see Hyojung walking backwards towards the door. However, while walking, she ends up bumping the wall! Since it’s near the end of the video, most people didn’t catch it. It’s adorable how she rushed to the door after her little accident though!


During one of HyunA’s solo scenes, one of her earrings falls off! HyunA continues dancing though, almost as if she didn’t notice. Props to her for playing it cool!

How many of these did you spot? Now that you see them, it’ll be hard to ignore them the next time you watch these music videos!

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