10+ Moments Of BTS’s RM Winking That Will Definitely Wreck You And Heal You At The Same Time

Get ready to give some lovin’ for RM who’s smilin’.

RM is playfully known as a clumsy person who destroys everything around him. But he can destroy your heart, too!

After all, it’s not really an RM-approved selfie if he didn’t wink in the picture.

Here are fifteen moments of Namjoon giving his best winks –cute, sexy or shy– on camera.

1. Get ready for it

2. So that’s why he’s a dangerous man

3. Such a soft wink coming from a badass rapper

4. Keep your heartbeat steady

5. Nothing much, just winking while waiting for laundry to finish

6. Meet two of BTS’s cool rappers oozing a lot of swag

7. He could wreck your heart…

8. …and heal it at the same time.

9. And people wonder why some ARMYs call him “daddy”?

10. Angel on this earth

11. Jungkook is every RM-stan’s spirit animal

12. You know it’s RM when he does these two

13. Would you like to have fries to make it a combo?

14. It’s responsible for a million deaths

15. If he’s not winking, double-check the picture to see if it’s really him