Here Are 10 Moments Of IZ*ONE Breaking Live Broadcasting Rules…And On Their Way To Losing Their Account

IZ*ONE, the queens of breaking things.

K-Pop idols using live broadcasting as a way to communicate with their fans is very common nowadays. IZ*ONE also use it to share content with their fans, but they’ve had many “troublesome” encounters. There are many regulations that artists must follow on live broadcasts, but IZ*ONE usually forget these rules.

IZ*ONE have had some of their live broadcasts get deleted due to the number of rules that were broken during the recording. A YouTube channel by the name of “eternal*iz” compiled some moments of IZ*ONE being a complete mess and breaking some of the rules, here are 10 of those moments.

1. Saying brand names

2. Flashing brand names

3. Breaking their lightstick

4. Unique name for a filter

5. Chaeyeon’s decision

Chaeyeon was hesitant to play “Shoot Out” (Monsta X).

This hesitation didn’t last very long.

6. Flashing brand names (Part 2)

7. Saying brand names (Part 2)

Yujin was just casually talking about soft drinks.

It didn’t take her very long to realize her mistake.

8. Being a chaotic mess

9. Flashing brand names (Part 3)

10. Sakura liking Eunbi a little too much

Here are the full videos below!