10 Times IZ*ONE Were The Queens Of Dissing Each Other

The closer you are, the more you diss.

Group members usually consider each other like family, which means they obviously share a close bond. This also means that they can be prone to dissing each other because that’s a habit people have when they get extremely close to someone. IZ*ONE are no exception to this and have shown on numerous occasions savagely dissing each other. Here are 10 of those moments.

1. Dissing Eunbi’s age

2. Minju dissing Yuri’s handwriting

3. Dissing Nako’s height

4. Questioning Minju’s talent?

5. Dissing Yena’s cheeks

6. Eunbi’s a pervert?

7. Questioning Minju’s ability to play games

8. Finding Yena

9. Laughing at Hyewon dancing

10. Can’t stand Eunbi’s forced aegyo