10+ Moments Of MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Eating To Make You Unbelievably Hungry While You’re Stuck At Home In Quarantine

The way she almost ate an entire chicken at #9 was so appetizing.

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa loves to break idol stereotypes, starting from her no-bra airport fashion…

…following through with her conviction that an idol having curves is one of the best things ever…

…and this time, letting the public know that it’s definitely okay for K-Pop idols to show that they’re actually enjoying the food they’re eating, even on camera.

Here are 10+ moments showing Hwasa happily eating yummy food during interviews and broadcasts.

Warning: don’t read if it’s 2 am right now, unless you want to wake up your whole family because you wanted to cook noodles since this post made you hungry.

1. Best friends who deliciously eat chicken together…

…stay together until the end of time, of course.

2. Raise your hands if you eat burger the same way Hwasa does

How can someone eat a burger and give off swag vibes at the same time?

3. This is one of the reasons why she’s a “Sold Out Queen”

The way Hwasa eats food is so appetizing — it’s no wonder why all the food selections she’s eaten on camera have been sold out moments after she was shown eating them.

4. In case you’re wondering why she did a CF for this brand

Here’s your answer, perfectly captured in gif form.

5. If you listen hard enough…

…you can hear MooMoos rummaging through their refrigerator and looking for something delicious to eat.

6. This is the perfect way to eat your wrap

It’s a convenient method that can make you look chic — plus, if you’re eating meat with friends, you know you can get more servings if you eat them like this.

7. Moonbyul couldn’t take her eyes off of her

Look at the way she pouted when Hwasa pretended to feed her the noodles. #relatableAF

8. There’s just something in the way she unapologetically enjoys her food

9. Remember when MAMAMOO cooked samgye-tang?

Hwasa fell in love with her own version of the ginseng chicken soup that she couldn’t help but eat a large portion of it on camera.

10. Only Hwasa would eat noodles on a park bench instead of inside her luxury apartment

Everywhere is fair in love and hunger.

11. Hwasa’s proud of her appetite

She once said that she eats anything she wants — and that’s the way it should be.


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