10 Moments That Prove BTS and SEVENTEEN Are Closer Than We Thought

BTS and SEVENTEEN are great friends.

BTS and SEVENTEEN are known to be cordial to one another, but these moments prove that the two groups are actually good friends.

1. When Joshua grabbed V’s hand at ISAC 2017

2. When SEVENTEEN and BTS met backstage at “The Show”

Jungkook starting singing “Mansae” immediately upon seeing them.

3. When VIXX Ken, Seungkwan and Jin played a game together at ISAC 2017.

4. When Jungkook greeted his fellow ’97 liners on SEVENTEEN at the Golden Disc Awards

5. Everytime “Mansae” plays and BTS are in the area

6. When V gave Jeonghan a new hairstyle at ISAC 2017

7. When SEVENTEEN showered BTS with praise

During an interview in 2017, SEVENTEEN were asked about their relationship with BTS.

“We’re so honoured that our names are brought up along with the amazing sunbaenims” – Woozi
“And sunbaenims sent us lots of supportive messages this time, they told us our performance was energetic” – Seungkwan
“They told us ‘Keep it up like this’, I think we can learn a lot from sunbaenims” – Seungkwan

8. When BTS got excited at SEVENTEEN’s rehearsal for the Golden Disc Awards 2019

9. When V hugged Joshua

10. When Jimin and V reminded MC Yoona that SEVENTEEN also had ’95 liners

BTS Jimin and V Seen Helping SEVENTEEN Joshua at 2018 MBC Gayo Daejejeon