10 Old But Gold Songs That New School K-Pop Fans MUST Check Out

Sometimes, you need to appreciate the classics to really value the new stuff.

Fans previously discussed the 25 forgotten K-Pop gems that new fans of the genre should know. But, there are even more songs that new school K-Pop fans should check out to expand their knowledge and appreciation of the genre.

1. “To My Mother” — G.O.D

“To My Mother” was G.O.D’s debut single. Released in 1998, this heart-wrenching song made everyone cry the first time they listened to it.

2. “Just A Feeling” – S.E.S

This upbeat song, which was released in 2002, will always have a special place in K-Pop fans’ hearts.

3. “No.1” — BoA

“No.1” was a single off BoA’s second album of the same name. The album debuted at number one and sold over half a million copies the year it was released.

4. “Cutie Honey” — Ayumi

Ayumi, currently known as Iconiq, covered the theme song for Cutie Honey back in 2006.

5. “Abracadabra” — Brown Eyed Girls

This is definitely one of the newer songs on this list, having been released in 2009, but “Abracadabra” is a classic that deserves to be heard by the newer generation of K-Pop fans.

6. “Missing You” — Baby V.O.X

This Baby V.O.X song was released in 1999 on their album Come Come Come Baby. Like S.E.S, Baby V.O.X are considered a first-generation K-Pop group who helped spread the Hallyu wave! “Missing You” is a sad song, with an equally sad video that will make your tears flow freely.

7. “Eusha Eusha” — Shinhwa

“Eusha Eusha” is from Shinhwa’s debut album. The song, which has a fun, upbeat feel to it, had a lot of mainstream success and quickly climbed the charts upon its release.

8. “Blue Rain” — Fin.K.L.

“Blue Rain” by Fin.K.L was released in 1998 and even won a Golden Disc Award for Rookie Artist of the Year in Digital Music. Fin.K.L is another first-generation group that deserves a listen from new school fans.

9. “Because I’m A Girl” — KISS

“Because I’m A Girl” went viral around 2005. Remember MySpace? Everyone was posting this song on it back then. The song was released in 2001 and has continued to be a staple with noraebang enthusiasts around the country.

10. “Resolver” — Shinhwa

“Resolver” is from the same album as “Eusha Eusha”, however, the MV for the song contained quite heavy content matter and therefore didn’t quite experience the same success as “Eusha Eusha”. Despite this, the songs from the group’s 1998 album Resolver are without a doubt with a listen.

Are you an old school K-Pop fan? Were any of these songs your favorite back in the day, or were you a fan of different old school groups? Don’t hesitate to share with us!


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