10 Photos Of BTS’s Jimin From The 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon Guaranteed To Make Your Day

Jimin’s photos can make anyone smile!

BTS was one of the groups who attended the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon where they opened the show with a medley of classic Christmas carols and ended the show with songs of their own, including “Boy With Luv,” “Diyonisus,” and “Mikroskomos.”

Because BTS’s Jimin stole a lot of ARMYs’ hearts again from their various performances, here are 10 photos of him looking dashing, adorable, and handsome!

1. Jimin happily performing

Jimin looks cool as he performs on stage in his silk outfit!

2. Flying kisses from Jimin

Jimin throws out flying kisses to ARMYs in the crowd!

3. Jimin hugging the little girl

This little girl joined BTS on stage for their opening stage performance and Jimin was seen hugging her!

4. Jimin is all smiles when carrying the little girl

Jimin is smiling from ear to ear when he carried the little girl. The girl seemed happy to be in Jimin’s arms as well!

5. Jimin avoids tickles from V

Jimin is captured leaning his head back when V reached his hand out to tickle Jimin’s neck while they were performing on stage!

6. Jimin is fond of the little girl

Jimin and RM look extremely happy as they await for the little girl to approach them!

7. Jimin can’t hide his smile

Jimin can’t stop smiling at the little girl whenever she’s around him! He is really fond of her, and it is the cutest thing ARMYs have seen!

8. Raining confetti

He looks adorable in this photo while smiling under the raining confetti which makes the photo magical.

9. Jimin saying hi to ARMYs

Jimin is captured shouting into the crowd making sure his voice reaches ARMYs in the crowd!

10. In the zone

Jimin is in the zone while performing on stage and looks cool with his chiseled jaw line highlighted in this photo.


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